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Mr. Seyffart's Update

Computers and Gifted and Talented Livingston School

Enter to Learn and Go Forth to Serve ......
Happy New Year 2018 to all! Students keep up the good work! Now that we have been striving to achieve our very best lets become the best we can be for this upcoming year! Students please go home and practice your typing drills, the skills what we have learned in class. Students please continue to try your best and remember their is no substitute for hard work practice! Parents, if you want to get your child a USB drive to help with their instruction please buy one. The flash drive does not have to be bigger than two gigs. This will enable your child the ability to take their work back and forth to school and give great flexibility when working with a computer. Always thank you for all your hard work and effort! It does make a world of difference!

Student Expectation

  1. Students should visit my web site at least three times a week.
  2. Students should practice home row and speed typing during that time.
  3. Students should study vocabulary and slide shows to help with tests.
  4. Students have one performance quiz or/written quiz each cycle.(4th-3rd Grade)
  5. Homework and projects are listed on this web site.
  6. Students should do Extra Credit through out the cycle to raise their grade one level. Extra credit can consist of anything the student's can do on the computer and as long as they can show me they are working on the computer at home! (I encourage this activity every class to enhance student learning and creating good work ethics and habits!