Dear Livingston School Students and Families,
I wanted to post directions for our students and families to help assist with logging into Google Classroom.

First Go to Google Classroom Sign In: (Through Chrome or search engine)
You do this by clicking on the Chrome Icon
Then you type Google Classroom Sign In in search box – or blue sign in box top right corner.
For second and third grade:
Sign on is (# first initial last name ( no spaces – all lower case)
It case sensitive (for second grade use 30 for third grade use 29) that is for the # (grad year)  
Password is ____00
Fourth Grade – They are much more comfortable with this.
Logon is (lower case – no spaces)
PW – most have liv12345

You are now in Google Class Room.
The information is located in folder under classroom.
The waffle as they call it top right hand corner (9 dots) allows you to navigate from one
program to the next. The Drive holds everything, Google automatically saves everything you type. Write this down somewhere for your child if they forget. 
Thank you,

Mr. Seyffart
Google Classroom Codes:
First grade: 5hejtp2
Kindergarten: oll6vj5